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Orange engine, airbag, or abs

lamp on??. Well there is no need

to take an expensive trip to the

main dealer, we have the latest

in diagnostic equipment for most

makes & models of cars to get your car back into shape. as cars have developed diagnostics has become much more complicated and to enable us to sucessfully diagnose problems quickly and effeiciently we have had to invest thousands of pounds to keep up with new technology including new equipment more data and training of our staff. Moden cars now can have 50 control units or more doing various jobs from keeping your engine going to keeping you entertianed with audio equipment and our diagnostic equipment can find most issues that you have.

I say most as manufactorers have been a bit sneaky in hidding gateways to some control units in there security systems that we do not have access to, so there may be rare occasions that we will have to send you off to the main dealers.

engine management light
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