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Air Conditioning

Many modern cars now have air conditioning, and this will help keep you cool whilst driving, but it’s wise to makes sure your air conditioning is working efficiently. To help with this, we offer an air con service, where your motor’s refrigerant gas levels can be checked and topped up to ensure it works at its best.

So if your finding your air conditioning isn’t getting as cold as it should or you are getting bad odours in your car then our air conditioning service is a must! As part of the service we will do a system check, recharge your air con gas, check for any visual leaks and deodorise the vehicles evaporator if required.

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Car Air Conditioning

We can now service vehicles with the new R1234yf a/c gas

Due to the impact on the environment, the old R134a refrigerant gas is now being replaced by the new R1234yf gas on all new cars. The process for servicing your a/c system is the same as the old gas, but it needs to be charged using a new service station. Due to demand at the end of last year we have decided to purchase the new machine in able to offer our customers an on going complete service. These two gasses are not compatible so vehicles with the old gas still have to be serviced using the old service station. The price of this new gas is significantly higher than the old gas at the moment but over time this will level out. For more info on which gas your vehicle has or for any air conditioning queries please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Pollen filters

A pollen filter (cabin filter) filters the air coming into the vehicle via the air vents, this not only stops dirt and leaves getting in but also filters the pollen from the air which is blessing for many hay fever sufferers. This filter should be changed as part of your vehicles servicing plan but is very often overlooked or ignored as many of them require removal (some major) of interior trims to change it.

This however can be a major cause of a poorly performing a/c system as it can restrict the air flow into the vehicle and also effect the filtering of the air already inside the vehicle, also the collected dirt in the vehicle can give off bad odours. We will check this as part of the a/c service and advise replacing if necessary. 

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