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Is your car in need of a service? Here at Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd our fully qualified technicians will give your car a thorough inspection, as well as changing the necessary oils and filters due on your particular service. We service all makes of car and light commercial vehicles from smart cars to large transit vans. Our full service includes inspection of your tyres, exhaust, brakes, suspension, engine, gearbox, lights, level checks and antifreeze concentration. Any faults found will be priced, reported and rectified but no work will ever be carried out without owners consent, so there will be no nasty surprises when you collect your vehicle.

Service light
Importance of servicing

As cars get more and more reliable you can be forgiven for thinking that your car doesn't need looking after as much, well statistics show that lack of servicing is the no.1 cause of breakdowns. Time and time again we come across cars that are costing their owners hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds to repair purely due to lack of servicing. Here's why.


Oil is what keeps your engine’s parts rotating smoothly and working properly, Over time, exhaust gasses from the cylinders and even small bits of metal will contaminate the oil and reduce its effectiveness.  Heat from the engine also breaks down the oil, as a result it won’t lubricate the engine as well as it should, and parts wear out faster. 

On some modern diesels low saps oil is required as this stops the build up of carbon inside the engine which in turn effects what is emitted out your cars exhaust, use the wrong oil and the filter in the exhaust (dpf) could become blocked and have to be replaced which can be very costly.


Filters such as air filter, oil filters and fuel filters are all there to keep the elements from damaging your engine. These should be changed on a major service, if they are not they will not only increase your fuel consumption the dirt particles can also damage sensors in the engine which can lead to your vehicle breaking down and yet more expense.

Fluid changes

As well as oil changes other fluids do need to be changed regular as well, such as brake fluid, anti freeze and gearbox oils to keep everything running smoothly. Brake fluid changes are important as the fluid attracts water and over time this water can cause corrosion inside the braking system and cause premature failings to its components. Some braking parts can be expensive such as the abs units and callipers so regular changes can protect these components. 

Anti freeze has an anti corrosive property which helps to protect the water jacket around the engine, it also as the name suggests stops your engine from freezing. As antifreeze has a 2-4 year life expectancy this should be tested for strength and changed as necassery.

Health check

As well as changing fluids and filters a service also includes a health check of your tyres, suspension and brakes to make sure there are no defects present and also to advise you of any problems that could occur in the near future. These simple checks when servicing can prevent any unforeseen disasters and also save you money by seeing the problems early and not causing damage to other components.

air filter replacement

Bmw air filter after 20,000 miles

Brake fluid change

Inside a vw abs modulator, damage due to high water content in brake fluid.

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