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Mot testing station

Need an MOT?? We are a class 4 while

you wait MOT station which means we can 

test omong others cars and light commercial 

vehicles up to 3000kg. 

We will test your car to the standards

set by DVSA, which means it will be fair

& honest. Any work that is needed can be fixed on site but if you wish to take it elsewhere for repairs you will still get a free retest (subject to DVSA regulations).

mot testing station
So why is the MOT so important for my car?
Image by Prateek Katyal

Under the current system, 27.48 million vehicles took the MOT test last year and 4 out of 10 of them were found to be unroadworthy when examined. (DVSA, 2015) Even with a regular test every year, that’s still just under 11 million vehicles that aren’t fit to drive on UK roads!

So whats tested?

 When was the last time you checked the tread on your tyres? Do you know the proper depth it needs to be at to be road safe? Do you think your brakes are as responsive as when you first got your car? Are the electrics still safe and functioning properly? The MOT provides you with an evaluation on the condition of most of your car, such as bodywork, fuel, seats, brakes and tyres, and is designed to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible when you drive it, and lets you know if there are any problems before they become a real danger to you and other road users.

Most DANGEROUS gallery >>>>

The failure rate average for class 4 vehicles in the UK is around the 35-40% mark, some vehicles fail on minor defects whilst others are classed as dangerous and should not be driven any further! We have put together a Most Dangerous gallery showing why vehicle maintenance & mots are so important. The owners of these vehicles had no idea they were driving death traps until we inspected them in our mot bay. During the lock-down the government have extended expiring mots by 6 months, but please don't let this be an excuse to neglect the maintenance of your vehicle. If you are unsure about the state of you vehicle then let us give it a quick health check.

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