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All our tyres are always competitively priced and we can supply most makes of tyre including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop and budget makes like Event, Nexen, Primewell and lots others. We are also Maxxis dealers which are a midrange tyre and we will not be beaten on price!! 

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Nitrogen filling service

Q. Whats the advantages of getting your tyres filled with nitrogen??

A. Under tyre inflation is one of the biggest causes of premature tyre wear, Nitrogen particles are bigger than oxygen particle so it is harder for these to escape and also has less fluctuation in pressure at high or low temperatures so pressure stays in your tyres for longer and your tyres last longer

There is also no moisture in Nitrogen so your wheel rims will not suffer from internal corrosion which can allow air pressure to leak through. Prices from £2.50 per tyre.

Tyre pressure monitoring

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are on all new cars now and are also a mot failure if the light is illuminated on the dash for vehicles registered from 1st January 2012.

They basically illuminate a light on the dash to tell you if you have a flat tyre but different manufacturers use different systems. Most of them you can reset through the dash when you have inflated the tyre or replaced it. Some systems have a sensor on the tyre valve that sends a signal to the control unit in the car to tell it how much pressure is in each tyre. When these sensors go wrong they usually need replacing and programming. This is costly from the main dealer but we have diagnostic equipment to re programme the sensors for much less.



We can supply & fit exhaust systems for most vehicles with a choice of quality from budget to main dealer parts. Most exhaust systems are readily available from our suppliers within 20 minutes so we can get you back on the road quickly. Makes such as Bosal, Timax, Klarius, euroflow are all available on request.

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