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Simon Cole

After leaving school I started work at RAF Chicksands on a youth training scheme for an organization called

MWR (moral welfare & recreation). I was employed at the Auto Hobby Shop, an 8 bay garage where serving

airmen in the United States Air force could take there privately owned vehicles & repair them themselves

with technical assistance from the staff if it was required. The scheme lasted for a year, during that year I

went to north herts college to study vehicle technology. After the scheme ended & passing all exams I was 

offered a full time job which I accepted without hesitation working my way up to asst manager/chief

mechanic. During my time at Chicksands I completed many training courses from equipment to man 

management. In 1995 RAF Chicksands was to close due to the end of the cold war which left me without a job.

I went on to get my HGV (C+E) driving license & in 1996 RAF Chicksands was to open again as DISC (Defense intelligence & security centre) I applied for a job as a driver/labourer with the Accommodations Services Unit (ASU). During my time employed there & not taxing my brain I looked for something else to get the grey matter working in August 1996 I joined the Territorial Army in Kempston & after basic training I became a member of 158 (Royal Anglian) Regiment RLC (V) 201 Sqn REME Fitter section.

I transferred from the ASU to the MT as a driver. In 2000 it was time for a change & I went on to become a HGV driver for Sainsbury’s that lasted until sept 2002 when I set up S.Cole Motors & I got back to what I know, Fixing Cars.

By this time within the TA I had worked my way up to the rank of Cpl & I was traded as a vehicle electrician & I also dual traded as a vehicle mechanic & in Feb of 2003 I was called up to serve in Iraq. Not long after my return from my “short” tour I was promoted to SGT & in Civvie Street my Business started to thrive & in Sept 2007 I joined forces with Darren to form Cole & miller Automotives Ltd

Darren Miller

After leaving school in 1991 I went to college 3 days a week and started work experience the other 2 days a week

at fairfield garage in Arlesey for 1 year. The full time college course allowed me to complete 2 years worth of


in city & guilds. I was then offered a full time job at Fairfield garage where I spent the next 2 and a half years

completing my qualifications and gaining vital experience in all makes of car & commercial vehicles.

In 1994 I spent 2 years at a Bardell & Byrne who were bosch dealers & also involved in restoration of much older

vehicles & gained more experience in diagnostics for newer cars. I then moved to a breakdown company which

I had always wanted to do but reality hit when I had to give up my social life to work through the day and night.

I moved on after 1 year & was offered a job at Norton way Honda in 1997 where I spent nearly 5 years in the


After leaving Norton way I decided to start my own business as Millers Auto Services. I built a small part of my business up while helping out at Arlesey Service garage where I met Simon, but spent so much time helping out I decided to work there full time until 2005.

In 2005 I left to carry on building my own business & shared a workshop in Beeston with Simon (S. Cole motors). Then in September 2007 we merged businesses to form Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd.

The team

Chris Burr

​Michael Biegala                

Elliot Howard

Tyler Cox

Max Liubarets     

Julie Dayer                   

Ben Sherwood

Ingrid Miller                 

Kirsty Burr


Workshop controller

​Technician / mot tester

Technician / mot tester


Trainee Technician

Reception manager



Accounts / Reception

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