Servicing & Repairs

Is your car in need of a service? Here at Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd our fully qualified technicians will give your car a thorough inspection, as well as changing the necessary oils and filters due to be changed on your particular service. We service all makes of car and light commercial vehicles from smart cars to large transit vans. Our full service includes inspection of your tyres, exhaust, brakes, suspension, engine, gearbox, lights, level checks and antifreeze concentration. Any faults found will be priced, reported and rectified but no work will ever be carried out without owners consent, so there will be no nasty surprises when you collect your vehicle.


Mot testing station

Need an MOT?? We are a class 4 while

you wait MOT station, which means you

can just turn up at our premises and we

will do your MOT usually straight away.

We will test your car to the standards

set by DVSA, which means it will be fair

& honest. Any work that is needed can be fixed on site but if you wish to take it elsewhere for repairs you will still get a free retest (subject to DVSA regulations).


Orange engine, airbag, or abs

lamp on??. Well there is no need

to take an expensive trip to the

main dealer, we have the latest

in diagnostic equipment for most

makes & models of cars to get your car back into shape.

4 Wheel 3D laser alignment

Our all new 4 wheel alignment system allows us to keep your wheels in a straight ahead position. It is fully computerised with a data base that covers most manufacturers alignment specifications and 3D camaras to pick up all 4 of your wheel positions, which makes this very accurate.

This will help eliminate :-

  • Excessive wear to the inside, outside or both edges of the tyres

  • Feathering to the tread of the tyres

  • Steering wheel out of alignment

  • Poor handling

  • Heavy steering

  • Vibration through the steering wheel

  • Excessive wear to wheel bearings

  • Increased fuel consumption

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Air Conditioning

if your finding your air conditioning isn’t getting as cold as it should then our air conditioning service is a must! As part of the service we will do a system check, recharge your air con gas, check for any leaks, and clean the evaporator inside car (which gives off bad odours) all for £55 +vat!!!

We now do the new R1234yf gas

Due to the impact on the environment, the old R134a refrigerant gas is now being replaced by the new R1234yf gas on all new cars. The process for servicing your a/c system is the same as the old gas, but it needs to be charged using a new service station. Due to demand at the end of last year we have decided to purchase the new machine in able to offer our customers an on going complete service. These two gasses are not compatible so vehicles with the old gas still have to be serviced using the old service station. The price of this new gas is significantly higher than the old gas at the moment but over time this will level out. For more info on which gas your vehicle has or for any air conditioning queries please don't hesitate to give us a call.


All our tyres are always

competitively priced and we

can supply most makes of

tyre including Pirelli,

Bridgestone, Continental,

Goodyear, Dunlop and budget

makes like Event, Nexen, Primewell and lots others 

 We are also Maxxis dealers which are a midrange tyre and we will not be beaten on price!! 

Nitrogen filling service

Q. Whats the advantages of getting your tyres filled with nitrogen??

A. Under tyre inflation is one of the biggest causes of premature tyre wear, Nitrogen particales are bigger than oxygen particle so it is harder for these to escape and also has less fluctuation in pressure at high or low temperatures so pressure says in your tyres for longer and your tyres last longer

There is also no moisture in Nitrogen so your wheel rims will not suffer from internal corrosion which can allow air pressure to leak through.


We can supply & fit exhaust systems for most vehicles with a choice of quality from budget to main dealer parts. Most exhaust systems are readily available from our suppliers within 20 minutes so we can get you back on the road quickly. Makes such as Bosal, Timax, Klarius, euroflow are all available on request.


A common occurrence on older

cars is rust. Rust can cause

numerous problems and in many

cases you will fail an MOT due

to excessive rust on key points

of yourvehicle. But this isn't a

problem as we're here to help

with your issue. Our qualified

technician is highly skilled in

the use of MIG Welders which

allow us to rebuild the body work of your car to stabilise any potential dangerous 'weak spots' on your vehicle.

Should you need more extensive bodywork done to your car (say after an accident), we can give a thorough inspection of the damage and advise the best solution as to how to return your vehicle back to a suitable driving condition.